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Papa Pear Saga Tips and Cheats

Read this post to learn Papa Pear Saga Tips about the basics of playing Papa Pear Saga. While some of these lessons will be covered during the game’s many short tutorials, many can only be learned by playing the game. We have compiled these Papa Pear tips for beating Papa Pear Saga levels so that you don’t have to waste your lives learning them yourself.

1. Control Your Shot


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You can alter the strength and direction of your shots by moving the mouse further or closer to your cannon.


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Using this function is key to planning your shots accurately.  Do this to hook your shots more easily, dropping them into openings or on pins instead of simply shooting in their general direction.   Adjusting your cannon’s power will allow you get around pins or obstacles that aren’t a necessity to hit, but would send your Papa Pear heading in the wrong direction.


2. Hit The Ceiling.


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An easy way to get some bonus points is to make your Papa Pear hit the ceiling.  You can do this by bouncing your Papa Pear off of objects that are at or close to the top.  This will earn you 500 bonus points, but only for the first touch.  Use this method early on, and only if you can afford to not directly aim your current shot.


3. Use Multiplier Pins.


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You will see golden multiplier pins appear randomly in Papa Pear, if you use a booster, or if you have earnef it during gameplay (i.e., destroying all of one type of pin).  Use these pins early and often to maximize the point you get during each level.  The multipliers will stack as well, so if you see more than one appear over the course of a level, make sure to get all of them.


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4. Destroy All Pins Of One Type.


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If you destroy all pins of one type in a level, such as every chili pepper pin, you will generate a multiplier pin.  You can then use your next Papa Pear to add the multiplier to the remaining points earned in that level.


5. Use Those Last Shots (For Light up the buckets! Levels).


If you realize that your Papa Pear is about to light up the last bucket, but you haven’t hit the goal score yet, shoot out as many Papa Pears as you have left.  They will most likely earn you more points then if you simply wait to get the bonuses for having extra Papa Pears at the end of the round.  The level won’t end until all of your loose Papa Pears have gotten into a bucket, even if you have lit up every bucket.

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