Papa Pear Cheats

Papa Pear Saga Boosters and Power-Ups

This article is about the various Papa Pear Saga Power-Ups you can get during levels in Papa Pear Saga. Knowing how to generate Power-Ups will help you reach point totals and meet the various level requirements. Also, by learning how to generate Papa Pear Saga Power-Ups in-game, you can avoid having to pay for them with real money.



Multiplier Pin

Adds multipliers to your score. The first Multiplier pin you get will double your score, the second will triple your score and so on.

To get a Multiplier pin you must destroy all pins of the same type in the level. For example, destroying every Acorn or Chili Pepper pin will generate a Multiplier pin somewhere on the screen.



Double Pin

Creates an additional Papa Pear that can earn points and light up buckets just as your normal Papa Pear can.

To get a Double pin you will have to bounce a Papa Pear on the rims of the buckets 5 times.



Grande Pin

A Grande pin will make your Papa Pear grow large, as well as increase the number of hits they can make on bucket covers.

To make a Grande pin you will have to bounce a single Papa Pear 50 times before it lands in a bucket.



Fire Pin

Fire pins make your Papa Pear into a Papa Fire. While as a Papa Fire, Papa Pears will destroy pins much more easily, allowing you to cut through groups of pins. Papa Fires can also stop spikey cacti from harming future Papa Pears.

To make a Fire Pin you must get a Papa Pear to travel from one end of the level screen to the other.



Wake-Up Pin

Wake-Up pins will wake up a bucket. These can be useful for waking up hard to reach buckets.

To generate a Wake-Up pin you will have to get 7 Papa Pears to land in the same bucket.

Super Aim

Super Aim booster will show you where the Papa Pears will bounce so that you can shoot more accurately.

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