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Papa Pear Level 54 Cheats and Tips

These Papa Pear Saga level 54 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 54 of Papa Pear. Need help passing a level of Papa Pear Saga? Just use these cheats!

In level 54 of Papa Pear Saga, you need to remove 40 acorns in 18 moves and score at least 57,000 points.

Papa Pear Saga Level 54

Tip #1: Set off 1 papa at the time.
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  • It can be tempting to set off multiple papas at once. But in this board, you’re better off being a little patient.
  • Set off your first papa and let it hit all the acorns and drop into the bucket. You want to avoid sending off a second one because the balls may interfere with each other’s paths. With only 18 moves, you want to make sure each papa has optimal impact.
  • Note: the orange structures (bars) can be cleared if hit by a papa, the green cannot.

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