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Papa Pear Level 149 Cheats and Tips

Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Papa Pear Saga Level 149. In level 149 of Papa Pear Saga you must light up the buckets. This level is really hard, but our tips will help you get through Papa Pear Saga level 149 in no time!

Papa Pear Saga Level 149 Cheats Tip #1


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  • Shoot your Papa Pear on the right side wormhole.
  • It will drop your papa pear on the far right side.
  • Dropping on the right side will give you plenty of bounces, which will lead to Free Boosters.
  • Apart from free boosters, having those berries and acorns out of the way will give you a direct path to the last bucket on the right.

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