Papa Pear / Papa Pear Level

Papa Pear Level 126 Cheats and Tips

These Papa Pear Saga level 126 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 126 of Papa Pear. Need help passing a level of Papa Pear Saga? Just use these cheats!

Papa Pear Level 126 Cheats

Watch this video above to help you beat the Papa Pear Saga level. For more help, always use these basic tips when playing every level in the game:

  • Try to get as many bounces as possible to get more points by controlling your shot.
  • Make your papa pears hit the ceiling in order to earn an extra 500 points.
  • Destroy fruits of the same type to get special multiplier pegs.
  • In levels that you must light up the buckets, light up the buckets on the sides first then focus on the middle.
  • To quickly increase your score, you can shoot off more than one papa pear at a time.
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