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Papa Pear Level 111 Cheats and Tips

Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Papa Pear Saga Level 111. In level 111 of Papa Pear Saga you must 45 Carrots. This level is really hard, but our tips will help you get through Papa Pear Saga level 111 in no time!

Papa Pear Saga Level 111 Cheats Tip #1


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  • You will start out with 18 Papa Pears
  • The red and yellow carrots do not count.
  • But you are going to have to use some Papa Pears to help remove them so that you can get to the correct carrots that matter most.
  • The Carrots circled in red do not count. And the carrot circled black represents the ones that are worth the 45 that you need.

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